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How we work - proactive sourcing embedded in your team

Customized solutions, superior value

At Hudson we work closely with HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders to create customized recruitment solutions that deliver better business results. Whether it’s building a robust recruitment model to serve a business long-term or creating short-term recruitment services for defined projects, Hudson RPO delivers services entirely tailored to the needs of our clients.

Hudson RPO offers two key services in Hong Kong


Let Hudson RPO manage a best practice recruitment function for your division or organization.
Leverage Hudson’s processes, technology and recruiters to deliver a recruitment solution that engages hiring managers, provides high quality talent, reduces time to fill and reduces cost to hire.


Hudson is expert at delivering recruitment solutions for defined projects with high volume needs, hard-to-fill roles and tight timeframes. Whether you’re a start-up business or expanding into a new area, Hudson can find the right candidates for you, on time and to budget, while also reducing your cost per hire.

How we're different

1. 100% committed to your business

Our on the ground recruitment teams are dedicated to building an in-depth understanding of your business and talent strategies and can be scaled up or down according to your hiring volumes. Our teams can be located at your premises, or Hudson’s premises and will help you formulate an Employee Value Proposition to take to market that is 100% aligned with your business objectives, priorities and needs.

2. Creating smarter talent pool networks

Once we understand your business and the roles you recruit for regularly, our team will build, manage and expand your talent pools into a comprehensive network. This arms you with a ready supply of talent for frequently required roles, delivering you better quality talent and reducing both costs and time taken to fill vacancies.

3. Providing world-class psychometric tools

Hudson’s proprietary psychometric and behavioural assessment tools, including the renowned Business Attitude Questionnaires certified by the British Psychological Society, help our clients dramatically enhance selection quality. They are also a proven and powerful tool to significantly improve new hire management, development and retention.

4. Measuring to continuously improve

We work closely with you to establish KPIs and design comprehensive reporting suites that track outcomes and progress. This provides you with complete visibility on the status of recruitment across your business and is an exceptional platform for continuous improvement initiatives.

5. Delivering next-generation sourcing strategies

Sourcing strategies in Hong Kong are changing rapidly, as outlined below. The Hudson RPO team can guide you through the options available – from social media and open web sourcing to top alumni, candidate networks and international markets – and build a customized sourcing program that meets the needs of your business, today and in the future.

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