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Stay up to date with the latest information on salaries in Hong Kong. Whether you are looking to hire or are in the market for a new opportunity, our salary guides and salary calculator are designed to help you compare current salary ranges across locations, industries and disciplines. Get unique insights into what other people in your sector are earning and learn how to use this knowledge to your best advantage with our salary advice section.

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Will a pay rise be enough for you to stay in your current job?

How happy are you in your current role and workplace? What would it take for you to commit to your organisation for another 12 months? According to new research by Hudson, even a pay rise isn’t enough to convince most professionals in Hong Kong to stay.

Our latest Talent Trends research found that the majority of employees surveyed (53%) were open to new job opportunities while another 30% were actively looking for a new role. Only 17% of employees were planning to stay in their current job.

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