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Are you highlighting your best behaviours in a job interview?

Are you highlighting your best behaviours in a job interview?
They’re the questions that interviewers love – but they can pose a challenge for even well prepared job candidates: Tell me how you dealt with conflict with a co-worker. How did you react to your last major mistake in the workplace? Explain how you overcame a major challenge?

The formal name for these queries is ‘behavioural interview questions’ and if you want a fighting chance of getting the job, you’re going to have to get skilled at answering them.


"I QUIT." What Managers Need to Know About Why Employees Leave

Employers beware: data shows that many new staff members leave before they even finish settling in.

Every manager shares the same goal with new hires: that the hire will not only fill a key gap in the team but slide neatly into the broader workplace culture where they will work productively and be happy to stay for a reasonable period of time.

But Hudson data shows that for many managers a shock may be in store: one in five employees in Hong Kong have left a new job within three months of starting.

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