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Job hunt getting you down? 6 ways to stay motivated

Job hunt getting you down? 6 ways to stay motivated
Looking for a job can take its toll. Searching for suitable roles, cold calling, writing endless cover letters… and nothing is more disheartening than the deafening silence that can follow an application. So how can you stay motivated?

It’s important to remember that with so many factors at play when you apply for a job, a rejection is not necessarily a reflection of your abilities (or lack thereof). Here are six ways to keep a positive outlook while looking for employment.


Years in a job and now looking for work? Top 4 tips for getting back into the game

Years in a job and now looking for work? Top 4 tips for getting back into the game
Working in Career Transition I spend a lot of time speaking with people whose roles have recently been made redundant. People who, ready or not, are forced to consider what direction to take next in their careers. While some are happy to seek out new opportunities, for others the prospect of looking for work can be daunting.

Looking for a new job is particularly daunting if you’re someone who has enjoyed long tenures in your career. While you’ve been fortunate to have found positions that you’ve been happy to stay in for lengthy periods and you have a wealth of experience, it also means you haven’t had as much experience when it comes to job search and you may be unsure of how to position yourself in a way that seems relevant and current.


Why leaders should also be change agents

Why leaders should also be change agents
“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” So said Lao Tzu and in today’s world, that may be down the road of obsolescence. Being a change agent is an integral part of any leader’s role today and its importance will only grow in the future.

There are numerous reasons for the shift. Of course, constant changes in technology and resultant consumer preferences call for the need to constantly challenging status quo. Along with shorter attention spans, we are also dealing with shorter business cycles, further adding to a “roller coaster” environment where change is ever present.

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