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Do You Really Know How to Market Yourself?

Do You Really Know How to Market Yourself?
You may think that modesty is best to avoid appearing arrogant in a resume or interview, but selling yourself short will do you no favours. If you want to get a job, you have to know how to market yourself effectively.

Selling yourself to a prospective employer is an important part of the job application process. Don’t be fooled into thinking a good product will simply sell itself – you still need to get the messaging right.


3 Questions Every Employer Should Ask in a Job Interview

3 Questions Every Employer Should Ask in a Job Interview
Candidates today are increasingly prepared for classic interview questions. To find out what you really need to know you may need to ask a few unusual questions.

Most employers today are not trained interviewers yet they need to make decisions about talent that will define either the success or the failure of their teams.


Mindfulness Is Key to Reflective Leadership

Mindfulness Is Key to Reflective Leadership
There’s one practice that will add richness and depth to your work life, empower your team members and enhance your productivity and that of those around you. It can be developed and learned, and it’s cheap.

We’ve all heard of mindfulness and its benefits to health and wellbeing, but to me, mindfulness is most useful as a foundation for a truly productive habit that will be enormously beneficial to your career. I’m talking about embarking on the difficult but highly rewarding journey of creating the habit of reflection.

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