It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Hudson Hong Kong stories

What's it really like working at Hudson?

We asked a few of our recruitment consultants to give us an insight into what they used to do, why they chose recruitment at Hudson, and what they like about working here.


Sophia, Manager - Financial Services

I started my career at Hudson in Beijing, where I built up the Financial Services HR practice from scratch and won a Rising Star Award in just six months. After two and a half years I felt ready for a change and left. However, after a few months at a competitor in Beijing, I was given a great opportunity to come back to Hudson, and in an exciting move I relocated to Hong Kong.

Along with the transparent commission policy, it’s inspiring to be working with people leaders who have a strong vision of the future and are always enthusiastic. I feel empowered to succeed within the culture of integrity, responsibility, transparency and collaboration.

Going forward, I’m looking forward to improving my billings and creating even more impact in the market. My goal is to make Hudson the top choice in Financial Services recruitment.

Matthew, Managing Consultant - Financial Services

I worked in Enterprise IT insurance sales in the UK before moving to Hong Kong in 2016. Someone suggested that I could be good in recruitment, so I did some research and found Hudson. Hudson had an attractive brand and great office location. My interviewers
were very clear on their vision for the business and how I could be a part of it. I felt confident that they would be able teach me to be a strong recruiter.

Within just 12 months of joining the business and the industry, I became one of the top 3 billers and won the Individual Contributor Star Award. I was promoted twice in less than a quarter, and it was a proud moment again when my first hire (a fresh graduate)
hit productivity and earned a bonus in his first quarter in recruitment. 


Naomi, Managing Consultant - Financial Services

I’d been in the finance industry for a few years and wanted a change. I was attracted to Hudson as the management team provided me with honest details on the steps involved to becoming an established consultant, and the highs and lows of the role.

​Through endurance, resilience and wonderful team support, I’ve been able to stretch myself and become a more strategic consultant with every quarter that goes past. I feel proud when I’ve been able to utilise the training I’ve had to be independent in attaining a role, shortlisting and making a placement on my own. However, I’m most proud of the times when we’ve worked together as a team towards a big win.

​When you join Hudson, you don’t join a firm, you join a family. You’re surrounded by people who want you to succeed and who want you to grow. This is the same wherever you are – I know because I started my Hudson career in Singapore, before transferring to the Hong Kong office!


Sid, Director - Financial Services

I was a fresh graduate when I joined Hudson in 2014. I had six other offers but chose Hudson because I was inspired by the leaders, and wanted to work in an environment where I could determine my earning potential with my hard work.

It’s a genuine meritocracy here, and that’s allowed me to be successful. I put in the hard work to achieve my targets and goals, and have been rewarded with a number of promotions over the years.​

Brick by brick, I built the Financial Services practice from scratch. I take pride in what our practice is today – some of the numbers my consultants bill were unheard of five years ago. From continuing to develop and nurture my team, to helping the Hong Kong office break records, there’s a lot to look forward to here at Hudson.

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