Quantitative Analyst

Location: Hong Kong > Hong Kong > All Hong Kong
Work type: Full Time
  • Python, C++ or Java
  • Family Office
  • Experience with Machine Learning a plus


1. Study market data and transaction data, explore market operation rules, and conduct digital currency quantification CTA trading strategy research and development.

2. Familiar with the research and development of quantitative strategies. There are mature quantitative futures or digital currency CTA strategies. Understand financial and quantitative trading systems, and have real trading experience.

3. Understand python or c++, java programming, have the ability to independently develop quantitative strategies.

The algorithm is good. It has certain experience and experience in mathematical modeling of big data, data mining and machine learning.

4. Develop models and tools, monitor and analyze the operation of trading programs, research, implement statistical arbitrage strategies, and develop statistical arbitrage back testing tools;

5. Investigate crypto-currency market related products, collect, organize and analyze the best solutions.

6. Familiar with data sorting, logic deduction, trend analysis, report writing, charting and slides.

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