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What Our People Say About Working At Hudson

Our business is people and we are passionate about them. That’s why we make an unwavering commitment to investing in our people's development and to ensuring they have a clear and rewarding career path.

From training new arrivals on the fundamentals of our business and great recruiting to advanced leadership and career management, we’re focused on developing our own people. We place a high priority on rewarding performance and helping Hudson employees advance their careers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some of our people talking about life at Hudson, and the opportunities they’ve experienced with us.

Maxwell, Associate Director - Hong Kong

"I joined Hudson 18 months ago as an Associate Director to build the Sales practice. Since then I’ve helped grow our Sales & Marketing practice, doubled my team and launched our HR practice, all within a year.

Working at Hudson means that I can grow, both as a team and as an individual. Having fixed, clear promotion criteria foster a culture of meritocracy, which is invaluable within a sales environment like ours.

Hudson’s diversified business of recruitment, talent management and RPO is a huge differentiator in the market. It means I am able to bring a more consultative approach to clients, which helps me stand out as a true professional and market specialist.

Our Talent Management capability in particular gives me the scope for deeper relationships with my clients, as I can offer more than just surface level data. It also gives me insight for hiring and growing my own team.

In the last 18 months there’s been record growth, and with each accolade, we celebrate as a team. This is just the beginning, so come on board! You won’t regret it."

Helen, Consultant - Hong Kong

"Looking back on my first promotion at Hudson, I know that training played a big part in my success. From the boot camp-style onboarding to the commercial training, I was primed to succeed.

The relevant on-the-job training meant that I could use what I learnt right away while the nondiscretionary bonus program gave me financial certainty to plan ahead.

I felt welcomed from the very first day and it was motivating to be in such a multicultural team of high achievers that genuinely wants you to do well.

It’s both motivating and inspiring to know that I can work out when my next promotion will be. I can also choose to take my specialist or management career path in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

Ultimately, it’s my decision."

Raymond, Manager - Hong Kong

"I've worked around the world and throughout my international career, I've worked for Hudson in 3 different countries. While I've had other offers, Hudson was always the right choice.

As a seasoned professional, I love the consultative and mature approach that Hudson brings to the market and its clients. We're not just focused on the activity like others and this means I can be a consultant rather than a salesman.

The nondiscretionary bonus scheme means that I set my own goals and know exactly what I will get in return. The transparent promotion model encourages us to focus on learning and achieving results, rather than playing office politics.

In an environment where everyone is responsible for their own achievements, there's a lot of fun to be had. We work hard, play hard, share leads, opportunities and really help one another reach their goals. This team culture is what brought me back time and time again.

Because we are still growing, it's inspiring to think that my contributions will help build something great. What I've learnt from my Hudson career is that you have control and opportunities that span across the globe and business lines."

Phoebe, Consultant - Hong Kong

"When I tell friends that I was promoted within 4 months of starting at Hudson, they're surprised.

To me it's not that surprising because from the first day, I knew what I had to do to get there. To go from Associate Consultant to Consultant, there was a clear criteria which gave me the confidence and motivation to strive for more.

It was exciting because I had a sense of purpose and urgency, knowing that only I could stop that process.

Having the support of a manager who saw my potential and knew how to motivate me was amazing. This sense of leadership permeates throughout the office, where colleagues from all over the world are eager to help you out.

While promotion is a reward in itself, nothing compares to a reward you planned for. The transparent bonus scheme helps me plan my life outside of work. Right now, I'm planning a holiday in Bali. After that, I'm thinking, maybe Paris."

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