We discover talent and realise career potential

Bringing people together to achieve great things

At Hudson, we know that matching people to the right roles to create that perfect ‘fit’ fuels business success and transforms people’s lives.

That’s why we’re passionate about doing an incredible job for our clients and candidates, and creating a fulfilling workplace for our people where they can be successful.

We know the value of data-based decision making in the recruitment process. We're partnering with predictive analytics startup, PredictiveHire. Together, we will develop and scale new predictive tools for the recruitment business that will enable organisations to find top people, quickly and without bias.

Achieving great performance

There’s both a science and an art to discovering talent because there’s only so much you can learn about a candidate from a CV and an interview process.

At Hudson, we apply data-driven and best practice talent profiling and assessment techniques to reduce hiring risk, improve quality of hire and take unconscious bias out of hiring decisions. This ensures you select high performers who are a great cultural fit and will stay and grow with your business.

Our assessments also help you understand the potential of your existing people so you can build the workplace for the future.

We have a strong track record

We have been a leading provider of talent solutions for over 30 years and have a deep understanding of the Asia Pacific market. Across the region, we have an extensive network of highly engaged, specialist talent and a blue chip client base from a wide range of sectors so we can source talent for clients, quickly, and connect talent with jobs that build their careers.

A future that’s ours to create

We are creating an exciting new future for Hudson. We have a new ownership model, one where the leaders that run the business own the business so are personally invested in our future. We have a fresh vision and firm focus on creating value for our customers and our people through digital transformation, sophisticated analytics and innovation.

We want to create something truly unique in the market, where we reimagine talent solutions, harnessing data-driven insights to accelerate performance in the evolving world of work.


We’re firmly focused on building out our talent insights capability to increase predictive performance and help organisations solve their talent challenges in the rapidly changing world of work.

Mark Steyn, CEO

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